Te Pākau Maru
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  • Location New Brighton, Christchurch
  • New Homes 63
  • Typologies One, two, three and four-bedroom terraced townhomes
  • Status RC approved, BC submitted
  • Sales Stage 1 selling from 9th March 2023
  • Website tepakaumaru.nz
Located in the coastal suburb of New Brighton, one of Aotearoa's most exciting locations on the verge of significant growth. Te Pākau Maru (the sheltering place) is needed more and more. Our home should be the place where we find rest and new energy for our busy lives. Designed to 7 Homestar standards, these homes are healthy, sustainable and more cost-efficient to live in.
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Thoughtful community integration and urban design

An NZGBC review of 7 and 8 Homestar houses stated, “the annual savings were approximately $1,600 to $1,800”. Savings that stay in your bank account, to spend on what is important to you.

A place where homeowners can enjoy a modern and urban lifestyle, combined with the rejuvenation of living by the sea.
Sustainable homes, built with the future in mind
Intelligent, adaptive design for coastal living
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People-centred design

Healthy and efficient living, with innovative practices that protect the environment.
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