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Our Services

Kāinga Maha makes meaningful developments happen. From start to finish, concept to construction, we help get a project across the line. Our mission is to ensure everyone in Aotearoa has a place and community to call home, and we want to partner with you to see that happen.
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Structuring Agreement

We balance the requirements of multiple stakeholders. Our team seeks understanding of each partner, their wins and their challenges, and develops relationships and a plan that takes everyone on the journey from beginning to end. Successful developments are built on strong agreement: on investment, on vision, on responsibilities and on respect. We begin well so we end well.


Property development is a significant undertaking. Before investing considerable resources into a piece of land, it’s worth knowing what it will take to get the desired results. We analyse the whole picture, mapping out each stage of the development and advising on whether a project is viable and, if it is, what it will take to achieve the end goal.

Managing Risks

Every development has risks. The key is to identify what they are so you can plan for and mitigate them if they come up. Our experience in property development will arm you with the tools and strategy to navigate your project through to a successful delivery. When it comes to risks, knowledge is power.

Turn-key Delivery

We are committed to an increase of high-standard housing in New Zealand; that will provide homes for families, establishing them in communities and changing the trajectory of housing in our country. That’s why from design to procurement of contractors, right through to sales, we will work with our partners to deliver new homes to the market.

Our Approach

Create Partnerships

Join together and achieve more. We build partnerships, to build communities. We see development as evaluating the land, envisioning its future purpose and creating a place for people to thrive. Working in genuine partnership with landowners, Iwi, housing providers and funders we unlock the potential of land for the benefit of all.

Add Value

Developments should add value to all partners. We look for opportunities where investment will return the greatest outcomes. Long term gains are founded in Kaitiakitanga. Considering the natural environment and how it can benefit the wellbeing of those that dwell in it, adds value to land, to communities and to future generations of homeowners.

Outcome Focussed

We stay set on our goal – to unlock land in order to deliver housing that nurtures social uplift. Every person living in New Zealand should have their place, their home. This isn’t a quick fix, this is a shift towards a new standard. Respecting Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti and capturing the heritage of Aotearoa, we will secure lasting outcomes that will have an impact for years to come.


Our experience and expertise enables us to lead developments from beginning to end with confidence and understanding. We serve others in our leadership, seeking the best solution for all parties through sharing of knowledge and open negotiations. We empower all our partners to play their part in delivering a successful project.
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If you have land that you’re thinking about developing, funds that you’re looking for both a social and financial return on, or you’re looking for advice on property development, then we’d love to hear from you.